How To Fix Samsung S Pen Not Charging? – 5 Easy Fixes!

Is your Samsung tablet or smartphone not charging your S pen? Don’t worry; it’s a common problem that many Samsung tablet users face.

We are addressing the frequently mentioned issue among S Pen users – the Samsung S Pen Not Charging problem. We have investigated the Samsung S Pen Not Charging issue and bid farewell to it with solutions. To resolve the Samsung S Pen Not Charging problem, all you need to do is read our article on Samsung S Pen Not Charging and examine the solutions step by step. Let’s bid farewell to the Samsung S Pen Not Charging issue.

Samsung’s S Pen has plenty of features that enhance everyday productivity. It gives approx 30 minutes of battery backup (up to 200 button clicks) and 10 hours of battery life in standby mode.

You can recharge your S pen battery by placing it in the slot in your Galaxy smartphones and tablets. It takes only 40 to 60 seconds to charge your S pen in any Galaxy Note and S series smartphone or tablet.

I recently encountered an S-pen charging problem with my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE. The issue was resolved when I removed the case. The case has a magnet that disturbs the magnetic flux of the wireless charging. I removed the case and reset my S pen to resolve the problem.

Why is My S Pen Not Charging on the Galaxy Tab?

There could be many reasons why your Samsung S pen is not charging on the Galaxy Tab. But, the most common reason is the incorrect placement direction of your S pen to the provided wireless charging slot on the back of your tablet.

You should place your S pen in the correct direction to charge it wirelessly. The placement direction is different for Galaxy Tab 6 than for Tab 7 and Tab 8.

For Galaxy Tab 6:

S Pen on Samsung Tab S6 Charging Spot

On the back of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 6, a wireless charging spot is provided for recharging your S pen battery. Place your stylus in the charging spot in such a way that the pen tip should face away from the camera if your S pen does not charge if the pen tip faces the camera.

For Galaxy Tab 7 and 8:

S Pen on Samsung Tab S7 Charging Spot

The S pen placement direction is opposite for Tab 7 and Tab 8. Place the S-pen into the charging spot in such a way that the pen tip should face the camera.

Why is My S Pen Not Charging on a Galaxy Phone?

Samsung S21 Ultra, S22 Ultra, and Galaxy Note series smartphones have an integrated S Pen. The S Pen battery recharges wirelessly when inserted into the slot.

If your S Pen isn’t charging on your Galaxy Note and S series smartphone, it could be due to inappropriate placement, magnetic flux disturbance, or your smartphone battery is low.

Remove the protective case from your smartphone because your S pen isn’t properly inserted into the slot. After removing the case, reset your S pen from your smartphone’s Advanced features settings and reconnect it.

If that doesn’t help, read the step-by-step process for fixing the Samsung S Pen that won’t charge.

How To Fix Samsung S Pen Charging Issue?

The charging issue will be resolved if you place your S pen correctly in the charging spot. If that doesn’t work, you may need to troubleshoot your S pen for other issues.

Here is how to troubleshoot Samsung’s S pen charging problem-

1- Remove The Case

Everyone uses third-party protective cases on smartphones and tablets. Although your smartphone and tablet function properly, sometimes your case may create problems with its accessories.

If you’re using a case with a magnetic flip cover, your S pen may face problems in pairing or charging.

It happens because the magnet on your smartphone or tablet case is disturbing the magnetic flux of the wireless charger.

Remove the case from your Galaxy tab or smartphone and place your S pen in the charging spot to confirm this.

If your S pen is charging, buy a new case that doesn’t have a magnet, or remove the magnet from your case and glue it back.

2- Disable Multiple S Pens

Multiple S Pen Feature

Few Samsung Galaxy tablets and smartphones support multiple S pens. The multiple S pens feature enables cross-compatibility.

When the Multiple S Pens feature is enabled, you can use your Samsung tablet S pen with Galaxy smartphones and vice versa.

But, this may create problems with charging. So, disable multiple S pens features from your OneUI settings and place your pen in the charging spot.

3- Check the Battery Level on Your Phone or Tablet

If your smartphone or tablet isn’t charged enough, the reverse wireless charging feature will not work. As a result, your phone or tablet will not charge the S pen battery.

So, first, charge your smartphone or tablet battery to at least 50% and then place the S pen at the charging spot.

A wireless charger may also conflict with the charging activity of your S pen. So, better to use a USB type C cable to charge your device.

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4- Reset Your S Pen

Reset S Pen

Resetting will unpair your S pen from other devices and restore it to factory conditions. This will also fix all minor software glitches like lagging, pairing, and charging issues.

Here is how to reset the Samsung S pen quickly-

  1. Insert your S pen into the slot.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Scroll down and tap on Advanced features.
  4. Tap on S Pen.
  5. Tap on Air Actions.
  6. Tap on three dots and tap Reset S Pen.
  7. Wait for a few seconds until resetting completes.
  8. Remove your S pen from the slot and insert it back.

5- Contact Samsung Customer Care

If you have tried all the above methods, but your S Pen is still not charging, visit the support page and contact Samsung support.

The customer support team will raise a service request. You can book a home service or take your device to the nearest service center with the original invoice, and they’ll repair or replace it.

Can You Charge S Pen Without Phone?

It depends on which S pen you’re using. If you have a Samsung S Pen Pro, you can charge it with a USB C cable. Simply press the top of the S Pen Pro to pop out the cover and insert a USB-C charger to charge it.

If you have S21 Ultra or S22 Ultra S pen, you can’t charge it without your phone because it charges wirelessly inside the slot. However, if you have a Samsung Tablet, you can try charging on its back.

How Do I Know If My S Pen is Charging?

Insert the S pen into your smartphone’s slot, and an icon will appear on the top of your phone screen. You can also go to your phone Settings > Advanced features > S Pen and see the battery status icon.

If you have a Samsung S Pen Pro, a green light will turn on when you insert the charger. The green light indicates your S Pen Pro is charging.

How Long Does S Pen Take To Charge?

The Galaxy Note and S series S pen take only 40 seconds to fully charge. You can use it for 30 minutes or 200 clicks on a single charge. However, the Samsung S Pen Pro takes approximately 50 minutes to fully charge with a USB type C cable, giving approximately 16 days of battery life.

Does the Note 8 S Pen Have a Battery?

Samsung Note 7 and 8 S Pen doesn’t have a battery; however, an inductive coil with plenty of pressure sensors exists. When you bring the S Pen tip near your phone screen, you’ll see a virtual pointer on your screen because of electromagnetic induction.

Does S Pen Drain the Phone Battery?

Yes, the S pen drains your phone battery. But, the battery drain is so minor that you won’t even notice. It takes only a 0.5mAh battery per charge cycle when not used and 100mAh if heavily used.

How Do I Check the S Pen Battery Left?

When you disconnect and re-connect your S pen with your Galaxy tab or Samsung phone, a battery icon will appear on the screen. You can check how much battery is left on your S pen. You can also go to Settings > Advanced features > S Pen and check the battery percentage.


I hope this has fixed your S pen charging problem. If it’s not resolved yet, it indicates a sign of the hardware problem, and your pen should be replaced. Contact Samsung customer service to initiate the warranty claim. They’ll diagnose the malfunction and replace your device if it has manufacturing defects.

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