How To Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging?- 7 Fixes!

Shark Robot is a very convenient floor cleaner that saves a lot of manual effort and time.

A smart home device detects the charging dock when the battery drains and recharges automatically. But, sometimes, Shark Robot Vacuum face charging problem due to some minimal issues.

I know it’s annoying to see your Shark Robot vacuum not charging, even if it’s placed on the charging dock.

It happens due to no care and maintenance or some serious fault. Here we’ll troubleshoot the Shark vacuum robot not charging issue and find the correct solution.

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Why is my Shark ION Robot Not Charging?

Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging

Your Shark robot vacuum won’t charge doesn’t mean it’s dead. Some minor issues can also stop your vacuum robot from charging.

The most common reason the Shark robot vacuum is not charging is a layer of dust formed on the charging and proximity sensors or the power button is not on. Also, it may be due to poor battery health or a faulty charging dock.

There could be several other reasons, too, that we’ll see in this troubleshooting guide.

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How To Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Not Charging?

Your Shark robot will automatically locate the charging dock and align it with the charging sensors.

But, if it won’t locate the charging dock or not charging even after locating it, try these solutions:

1. Power ON the Robot

Power ON Switch

Your Shark Robot vacuum comes with a physical Power ON-OFF button on the side.

If your robot vacuum is not functioning properly, first of all, ensure that the Power button is turned ON.

The most common reason why Shark ION Robot won’t charge is that many homeowners are unaware of this physical power-on button.

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2. Clean the Proximity Sensors

Shark Robot Vacuum Sensors

Several proximity sensors and infrared lights are located on the front of the Shark vacuum robot. These sensors guide the robot to locate the charging dock.

Due to continuous use and untidiness, a dust layer forms on the sensors, and they won’t function properly and can’t locate the charging dock.

Remove the front plastic cover and inspect the sensors. If you notice any dust buildup on the proximity sensors, clean them with a soft microfibre cloth.

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3. Clean Your Charging Dock

Clean Charging Dock

Your Shark robot charging dock sends the signal and communicates with the device.

Its proximity sensors and infrared send signals, and the processor detects the location of the charging dock.

If the charging dock is dirty, then sensors can not differentiate if it’s an obstacle or a charging station and move out.

You should clean your charging dock if the Shark vacuum robot doesn’t detect and won’t charge.

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4. Clean the Charging Sensors

Clean Both Sensors

If you flip your Shark robot, you’ll find two metal pieces located at the bottom. These metal pieces are charging sensors that connect to your charging dock.

As it’s located at the bottom of the robot, it comes with wet and dirty surfaces.

Due to floor moisture, a layer of dust forms on the sensors, and your Shark vacuum won’t charge.

Flip over your robot and thoroughly clean the charging sensors with rubbing alcohol and microfibre cloth.

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5. Align Your Robot Properly

The two charging sensors of your charging dock connect with your Shark robot vacuum cleaner.

Due to regular use, wear and tear occur on the charging dock and robot. Once it reaches the charging dock, it won’t align properly.

Just place your Shark robot on the charging dock and align it manually. It’ll start charging automatically.

6. Replace Your Battery

Replacing Shark Robot Battery

With continuous use, the battery life of any rechargeable battery degrades. The same goes with your Shark robot battery too.

If you’re using your Shark robot for a longer duration, battery life might be degraded due to multiple charge cycles, and it’s time to replace it.

You can order Shark robot vacuum battery replacement from Amazon. If it’s under warranty, you can contact the brand’s customer care to get it replaced at no cost.

7. Get a Replacement

If you’ve followed all the above-mentioned steps but your Shark vacuum robot still won’t charge, then there are possibilities of manufacturing defects.

Contact Shark Vacuum at 1-855-427-5125 and ask for a replacement or write an email to with your product model number.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does the Shark Robot Battery Last?

Shark ION robot vacuum comes with a 2600mAh rechargeable battery.
A fully charged battery will last approximately 15 minutes if you use all motorized attachments.
It will automatically find the charging dock and again fully charged.

How Do You Charge a Shark Robot Vacuum?

Shark ION robot comes with an easy-to-use charging dock that communicates with your device.
It automatically locates the charging station and is fully charged in one click.

How Do I Change my Shark Vacuum Battery?

Replacing a Shark robot vacuum is easy. You just have to unscrew the bottom cover with a screwdriver and remove the old battery and place a new one.

How Do I Know if My Shark ION Needs a New Battery?

If your Shark vacuum robot doesn’t hold a charge it means the battery life is drained and needs to be replaced.
Also, if you see a redReplace” light, it means your battery should be replaced.

How Do I Know if my Shark IQ Robot is Charging?

The Blue indicator lights on the Shark robot indicate the battery percentage.
When your Shark robot is charging, both Blue LEDs will flash.
Both blue lights will stop flashing and illuminate steadily when charging is complete.


Now you’re aware of why Shark Robot Vacuum is not charging, and you know the all possible solution.

Unlike other robotic vacuums, Shark IQ and ION have a physical power ON-OFF button on the side. You should ensure that the power button is switched ON.

If none of the above-mentioned solutions work, there is a high possibility of some serious fault in your device motherboards and circuits. Contact the customer support team and ask for a replacement.

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