How To Fix Soundcore Liberty Air/Pro Not Charging?

Last week, my Soundcore Liberty Pro 2 stopped charging and it was very frustrating because I was in mid of watching Money Heist.

I searched on the internet for a candid solution of Soundcore Liberty not charging and I didn’t find anything trustworthy.

So, I contacted the Anker support team and the problem was fixed. Here I’ll share the step-by-step process to fix the not charging issue in Soundcore Liberty earbuds.

Why are my Soundcore Liberty Not Working/Charging?

Soundcore Liberty 2 Air/Pro not charging? You’re not alone! There are thousands of Soundcore earbuds users who are facing the charging issue.

It’s mostly because the contacts point on buds and case is not making a proper connection. Also, the dirty contact points or charging case is another common reason why Soundcore Liberty earbuds don’t charge.

Soundcore Liberty Not Charging: How To Fix?

Soundcore Liberty 2

You can follow these solutions to fix the not charging issue on Anker’s Soundcore Liberty Air/Pro:

1. Fully Charge The Case

If Soundcore Libertry earbuds not charging in the charging case then first of all check the battery level of your charging case. Sometimes, our charging case battery drains and we don’t even aware of.

So, plug-in a type C charger in your Soundcore Liberty Air/Pro 2 case and leave it for one hour to fully charge. Once the case is fully charged, place your Liberty earbuds properly and close the lid.

2. Clean The Case & Metal Connectors

Dirty charging case or metal connectors will prevent your earbuds to charge fully. It’s always recommended to keep the charging case clean and gently wipe the metal connectors with soft fabric and isopropyl alcohol.

Clean the metal connector on your Liberty Air buds and on the charging case. It’ll fix the not charging issue.

3. Check Charger & Cable

If your Soundcore Liberty Air case is not charging to 100 percent then check your charger and cable. First inspect your charging cable visually to confirm if there is not sign of damage on the cable.

Next, insert the charging connector in your phone to verify that charger and cable is functioning properly.

Note: Do not use high wattage fast chargers to charge Soundcore Liberty Air buds case.

4. Reset Your Liberty Air Buds

A hard reset can fix all the major issues of your earbuds. If your Soundcore Liberty Air not working or causing problem in charging then do a hard reset.

You can follow these steps to reset Soundcore Liberty Air buds:

  1. Go your smartphone Bluetooth settings and disconnect from Soundcore Liberty 2 Air buds.
  2. Tap on More Info icon or Advance options and Forget Device.
  3. Place both earbuds in the case and keep the lid open.
  4. Now, press and hold the reset button located on the back of charging case for 10 seconds.
  5. Leave the reset button when earbuds led flashes three times.

That’s it! Your Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 buds has been reset. Now, go to your smartphone Bluetooth settings and pair.

5. Update Firmware

You should always keep your earbuds firmware up to date. You can update Soundcore Liberty firmware by downloading official app on your Android or iOS.


My Soundcore Liberty 2 Air buds was not charging because the metal connectors were not connecting properly. Anker’s support team advised me to clean the metal connectors with isopropyl alcohol and soft cloth. I did that and the charging problem was solved.

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