How To Fix Tribit Speaker Not Charging? – 8 Fixes!

Tribit XSound Go is one of the most popular portable Bluetooth speakers, providing almost 24 hours of playtime on a single charge. But, battery charging problem is the most common issue many customers face.

I recently encountered a charging problem with my Tribit XSound Go. Fortunately, I found a post on Reddit where one Tribit user mentioned some solutions.

I tried those methods that fixed my Tribit speaker charging issue. So, if your Tribit is not charging, please read this guide.

Why Is My Tribit Speaker Not Charging?

There are several reasons why Tribit portable speakers won’t charge. It includes a completely drained battery, dirty/clogged charging port, faulty charging cable, defective wall outlet, faulty power adapter, software glitches, and depleted battery life. Sometimes, a problem occurs on the mainboard that should be repaired by a professional.

How To Fix Tribit Speaker Not Charging?

Please follow these methods to fix Tribit portable speaker charging problem-

1. Turn On And Charge

Tribit Speaker Power Button

Are you charging your Tribit powered off? Sometimes the li-ion batteries go into sleep mode and won’t take charge. So, I would advise you to turn on your Tribit and connect the charger. My JBL speaker was not charging a few months back, but it started charging when I powered on and connected the charger.

2. Charge For 8 Hours

If your speaker battery is deeply drained, it won’t charge immediately. Connect the charger and leave the battery for at least 8 hours to revive it. Your speaker will start charging again. If this doesn’t fix the problem, try the next solution.

3. Factory Reset

Tribit XSound Go Factory Reset

Software bugs could also lead to charging and pairing problems. A factory reset will delete your speaker’s pre-stored data and restore it to default settings. In most cases, a factory reset fixes the battery charging problems.

Follow these steps to factory reset a Tribit speaker

  • Turn on the speaker by pressing the Power button.
  • Once your Tribit is fully powered on, the LED will start blinking.
  • Press and hold the Volume Up (+) and Volume Down (-) buttons for 5 seconds until you hear the beep button twice.

That’s it. Your Tribit Bluetooth speaker has been reset to factory settings. Now, connect the charger and see whether it’s charging.

4. Clean The Charging Port

Tribit XSound Go Charging Port

A portable speaker is mostly used for outdoor parties where dust and debris are common. Over time, the dust accumulates in the speaker’s charging port and prevents charging.

So, inspect your USB type C charging port and see whether dust or debris is blocking it. If you see any dust or debris, gently remove it with a toothpick and clean the port with isopropyl alcohol.

After cleaning the port, wait for a few minutes to evaporate the alcohol and connect the charger. In most cases, the charging problem is resolved after cleaning the port.

5. Change The Charging Cable

Tribit Speaker Charging Cable

Have you inspected your charging cable? Due to frequent usage, the charging cable gets frayed or damaged. Try a different charging cable and see whether your Tribit speaker is charging.

6. Try A Different Adapter

Apple 5W Adapter

Your speaker will not charge if you use a wrong or faulty adapter. A superfast Android charger will create a problem because your speaker is not designed for fast charging.

So, try a different 5W or 10W adapter and see whether it’s charging. You can also charge your Tribit speaker with a laptop USB hub or a power bank.

7. Replace The Battery

Tribit Speaker Battery

A defective battery will create problems in charging. If you notice a quick battery drain, it means your speaker battery is faulty and should be replaced immediately. I would recommend you get the battery replaced at a service center.

8. Contact Customer Support

Tribit provides a 12-month hassle-free warranty on all speakers. If your product is under warranty period, please get in touch with Tribit customer support for a warranty claim. If your speaker has a faulty motherboard, they will provide you with a replacement.

How To Know Whether My Tribit Speaker Is Charging?

When you connect the charger, a reddish-purple light will glow beside the power button. It indicates your speaker is charging. Once the light turns solid blue, it indicates your speaker battery has been fully charged.

How Long Does Tribit Speaker Take To Charge Fully?

The charging time depends upon what model of Tribit speaker you have. A speaker with a larger battery size requires more time to charge fully. I have Tribit XSound Go, which takes approximately 5 hours to charge fully.

Can We Replace Tribit XSound Go Battery?

Yes, If you have some knowledge of electrical circuits, you can replace the Tribit XSound Go battery yourself. Find an XSound Go battery replacement from eBay or AliExpress and disassemble the speaker. Pull out the connections and install the new battery.


My Tribit XSound Go was not charging because of a faulty charging cable. So, I bought a replacement cable from Amazon, and the issue was fixed. You can try a different smartphone USB-C cable to charge your speaker.

Did you find this guide helpful? Please share your experience in the comment box and let me know what method worked for you.

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