How To Fix Tronsmart Earbuds Not Charging?

In this article, we will examine the Tronsmart Earbuds Not Charging issue that has been frequently encountered in recent times and help you restore its functionality to the way it used to be. To solve the Tronsmart Earbuds Not Charging problem, simply read our article in its entirety and follow the solutions step by step. This guide will explain the various methods to fix Tronsmart earbuds not charging problems. If your left or right earbuds are not charging, follow the solutions mentioned in this guide to fix them.

Tronsmart is a popular audio solution brand that provides high-quality earbuds, headphones, and Bluetooth speakers at pocket-friendly pricing.

My roommate uses Tronsmart Onyx Apex earbuds that give a great sound experience with decent Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Recently, he faced a charging problem with Tronsmart left earbud.

He asked me to diagnose the issue. I searched it on Google and unfortunately haven’t got any working solution.

Then I contacted the Tronsmart customer support team, and they provided some basic troubleshooting steps. I tried the steps, and the issue was resolved.

Here I’ll share the troubleshooting method that helped to fix the charging problem.

Tronsmart Onyx Apex Earbuds
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How To Fix Tronsmart Earbuds Not Charging?

I tried following the troubleshooting steps to fix the Tronsmart Onyx Apex left earbud. If your one (left or right) isn’t charging in the case, it only indicates some issue with your earbuds.

Tronsmart Onyx Apex
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Here is how to fix the earbud’s charging issue:

1. Clean The Metal Contacts

If you remove the earbuds from the charging case, you’ll see two small metal parts on each earbud.

This metal attaches to the charging pins of the case, and a low amperage current passes to the earbuds, which recharges the battery.

Because human skin releases sebum to moisturize the hair follicles, an oily layer is formed around the metal contacts when we place the buds in our ears.

This insulative layer prevents direct contact with the charging pins of the case, and our earbuds won’t charge.

So, if your left or right earbud isn’t charging, clean the metal contacts with isopropyl alcohol and microfiber cloth.

Also, remove the wax build-up around the metal contacts with a toothpick or SIM ejector tool.

After cleaning, place both earbuds correctly in the case and check whether they are charging or not.

If not, head over to the next solution.

2. Clean The Case

Air pollution is a major problem in the world. Over time, dust and debris accumulate in the charging case, preventing the earbuds from charging.

If you haven’t cleaned your earbuds case for long, it’s time for a thorough cleaning.

Dip a Q-tip in isopropyl alcohol and clean the charging pins of your earbuds case. After cleaning the case, please leave it dry for a few minutes and place the earbuds.

Ensure that your case is at least 80% charged. If not, plug a USB-C charger in the port and leave it for 30 minutes.

3. Check Your Cable and Charger

If your Tronsmart headphones not charging, one of the most crucial issues to check is your charging cable and USB connector. Firstly, ensure there’s no external damage to the cable; if there is, you can get a new charging cable here. To test your charger, you need a spare one.

After inspecting your charging cable, if your Tronsmart headphones not charging, the problem may lie with your charger; click the link to purchase a new charging device.

4. Reset Your Earbuds

If your Tronsmart earbuds are still not charging, it’s time to perform a factory reset.

A factory rest will restore your earbuds to their original condition and fix all minor software glitches.

Follow these steps to reset your Tronsmart Onyx earbuds:

  • Put both earbuds in the case.
  • Go to your smartphone’s Bluetooth settings.
  • Unpair and forget Tronsmart earbuds from the device list.
  • Take both earbuds out of the case and tap and hold on both earbuds for 5 seconds to power off.
  • Now, tap and hold for 8 seconds until the red and blue lights flash rapidly.
  • Put them back into the case and close the lid to complete the reset.
  • Pair it again with your smartphone to enjoy your favorite playlist.

4. Update Firmware

Tronsmart frequently releases firmware updates for their wireless earbuds and headphones.

If your firmware is outdated, it could be another reason your Tronsmart earbuds face a charging problem.

Go to the Google Play Store and install the Tronsmart App on your smartphone. Connect the earbuds with your smartphone and open the Tronsmart App.

Tap on the Onyx Apex from the device list and go to the firmware update. Install if any pending update is available.

5. Claim Warranty

If you have tried all the above methods but your earbud is still not charging, indicating a major hardware fault. Contact Tronsmart customer care at and claim the warranty.


I cleaned the metal contacts and performed a factory reset to fix the charging problem of my friend’s Tronsmart Onyx Apex earbuds. If you follow the steps correctly, your issue will also be resolved.

If nothing helps, contact the customer support team and provide the original invoice for the warranty claim. They’ll send you a replacement at your location.

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