How To Fix Vax ONEPWR Battery Not Charging?- 5 Fixes!

Let’s bid farewell to the Vax ONEPWR Battery Not Charging issue. I was also experiencing the Vax ONEPWR Battery Not Charging problem, but after following the necessary steps, I am continuing to use my Vax ONEPWR device just like in the old days.

Vax ONEPWR is one of the leading brands in the cordless vacuum category. I’ve been using the Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 cordless vacuum for a long time. One of my favorite features of this device is that the battery can last for about 1.5 hours.

As I was about to start using my Vax ONEPWR device, I suddenly noticed that the battery indicator was flashing red and the device wasn’t working in any way. I quickly removed the battery and connected it to the charger. However, there was no change. While contemplating what to do in this situation, during my conversations with Vax customer support, they explained to me the steps I needed to take to resolve the issue with the battery of my Vax ONEPWR device.

In this article, I will guide you step by step through the methods I applied to resolve the Vax ONEPWR not charging issue. If you follow the methods we share correctly, you may see your Vax ONEPWR device working as it did before.

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Why is My Vax ONEPWR Battery Not Charging?

If your Vax OnePWR battery is not charging, there could be several issues you might encounter. Among the most common problems is a faulty charger, which can be tested by trying a new charger or using a charger compatible with your battery. Your battery may be completely drained, and in this case, the only thing you can do is to try a new battery. The lifespan of Vax ONEPWR batteries is about 400 charge cycles, allowing users to use them for a long period of around 2-2.5 years.

If your device is new or it has been less than 1.5 years since you started using it, let’s examine what we need to do to resolve the battery charging issue.

How To Fix Vax OnePWR Battery Not Charging?

OnePWR Battery Pack

Here are the steps I followed to diagnose the charging issue with my Vax ONEPWR Lithium-Ion battery:

1- Obtain a multimeter and select the 20V DC (direct current) option from the available settings. Connect the multimeter’s cable to the terminals on the right side of the battery and let the red wire touch the terminals on the left side. If the multimeter doesn’t display any voltage value, you’ve identified the issue. To help you understand this more clearly, I’m providing a video tutorial below.

2- After identifying the positive and negative terminals of your Vax ONEPWR battery, you can energize the cells within the non-functional battery by establishing a connection with a properly functioning battery.

To achieve this connection, use a speaker wire to link the negative terminal of the working battery to the negative terminal of the non-functional battery, followed by connecting the positive terminals to each other. Keep the wires connected for approximately 15-20 seconds; this action will reset the battery of your Vax ONEPWR.

Disconnect the wires and quickly connect your Vax ONEPWR battery to the charger.

3- If there are no issues such as dead cells or faulty circuits, this solution will usually fix the charging problem. I solved the non-charging issue using this method.

I followed the same steps with my DeWalt Li-Ion battery pack, and it started charging again. I recommend you to read that guide for detailed steps that I followed.

Other Methods To Fix Vax ONEPWR Battery Charging Issue?

The issue is often related to the charger, which is why we can look for the solution in our charger or charging pattern. To do this, we can continue using our device by following the solutions below step by step.

1- Plug and Leave

Vax ONEPWR Battery in Charger

If you continue using your Vax ONEPWR device while the red light is flashing, your battery will completely drain. In this case, you should connect your battery to the charger for at least 3.5 hours. If you encounter this issue, leave your device on the charger for a minimum of 3.5 hours.

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2- Try a new outlet

Power Outlet

One of the most common issues users face is when the power source connected to the charger does not provide sufficient power. Check if the outlet is functioning correctly by testing it with a known working device using another charger. Please don’t forget to take a Vac ONEPWR battery charging.

3- Try a new charger

ONEPWR Charger

After trying all the above steps and still experiencing the charging issue, the next step is to replace your charger. If your battery is not charging, you can purchase a new charger to charge your battery.

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4- Contact support

Like all batteries, the Vax ONEPWR battery also has a lifespan of approximately 400 charge cycles (charge and discharge cycles). After completing this cycle, the batteries begin to lose their energy storage capacity and can start causing issues for the users. If your device is still under warranty, you can contact the customer support team to request a resolution for the issues with your device.

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Final Words

In this guide, we have explored solutions to the Vax ONEPWR battery not charging issue together. If you experience such a situation, don’t forget to contact Vax customer service. If you have an unresolved issue, you can also send it to us as a comment. Our team will review your concerns and provide you with a response as soon as possible.

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  1. My charger is flashing red on my vac 3 hoover

    1. If there is a build-up of debris around the brush roll preventing it from turning, then the power will automatically stop and the charge light will flash red. You should remove the brush roll and clean it.

  2. Lynda Mary Holmes says:

    The red light is flashing when I have my battery on charge as it keep cutting out when I tried to clean floor. Roller brushes are clean??

    This is virtually brand new cleaner…

    Please can you fix this yet again

    1. Having same issue and with 1 and 3 led showing up. None of these fixes the problem. Did you get it fix?

      1. Got the same problem had it with 3 batteries now, led 1 and 3 flashing believe it’s to do with running battery down to low, have had 2 replacement batteries very frustrating, that is conclusion any way but no idea how to fix it. Just rang Vax and they have replaced them free of charge on warranty

  3. Having same issue and with 1 and 3 led showing up. None of these fixes the problem. Did you get it fix?

    1. Yvonne Johnson says:

      I’m having the same problem with lights 1 and 3…. did you resolve the issue with yours?

  4. Yap Soon Hock says:

    Charger flashing red , battery show 1 n 3 white led ,
    What are the issues and how to fix it ? Battery was replaced 6 mths ago.

  5. Tracey White says:

    I have the same issue charger flashing red and battery showing white leds 1 and 3 only is this fixable or have I got to buy a new charger and battery? Please can you help? xx

  6. Barbara Lewis says:

    I have the same issue and for me it is the actual battery as the second battery is charging OK. I especially went for the PET model as it had two batteries but my vacuum is 15 months old so past warranty and I am loathe to spend £79 on a new one especially as I have had to have two replacement heads which were luckily under warranty.

    1. Lee Thurman says:

      Hi I have the same issue with one of my batteries for the blade3 pet Vax light 1 and 3 show only and red light when in charger.any ideas or suggestions please could this be jump started or is it not repairable.mine is just out of warranty and Vax are not helpful with the robot chat. Had a friend with same issue very poorly designed batteries in my opinion.

  7. Kari E Scott says:

    Same as everyone else! Used not even 5 months.. charger flashing red- 1&3 white
    Roll brush cleaned and no clogs.
    Charged for three hours.
    Starts up and dies

  8. There is a massive problem with Vax ONEPWR batteries. I was promised a replacement under warrant over 6 weeks ago. I haven’t received it, & there is no answer to any correspondence or emails or chat line help.

  9. Same issues. They will not replace my dead battery. It is still under warranty but they will not honor the warranty because I cannot find my receipt.

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