Vuse Not Charging

Questions like Vuse not charging naturally arise when individuals who own the device encounter problems. The Vuse charging device consists of two magnets that hold the Alto in place and three small connection pins.

Vuse Alto Charging Solutions

However, the charging device itself is rarely the faulty component. The issue lies in the connector located at the bottom of the e-cigarette. On the bottom of the e-cigarette, you can find three small holes that connect to the charged tips of the pod, which can become dirty over time and require occasional cleaning. The best solution I’ve found for cleaning is to insert a thin needle into each hole and gently scrape in all directions. Make sure to clean all three holes.

Vuse Alto Charging Solutions

It’s important to make sure that the issue isn’t with your charging device, especially for devices that operate on charging. If you’re experiencing the problem of Vuse not charging, this fundamental solution is recommended. Sometimes a faulty charging device can cause this issue.

If there is indeed an issue with the charging device, getting a new one can resolve the problem. This way, you can restore its ability to charge like before. Additionally, checking for loose connections, faulty cables, or sockets is also recommended.

Vuse Not Charging


If you’re saying that Vuse is not charging, another solution is cleaning. Trying a cleaning method is also possible. Simply taking a bit of cotton and gently cleaning can be enough. Sometimes rust can form around the mouth of the charging device, and using a sharp object to scrape it away can help make the charging device operational again.

Power Source Issues

If you’re experiencing Vuse charging problems, one of the reasons could be the main power source. For better performance from your rechargeable device, you need to have a reliable and stable power source. Vuse officially states that its products work best when connected to a safe low-voltage source with parameters of 5 Volts (DC) and 0.75 amps. Click on the link to get a special-priced power supply.

If the voltage is too high, the device will stop charging due to circuit and device safety programs. So, you’ll find that your device isn’t charging. As mentioned before, it’s good to find a power source that matches compatible voltage and power flow rates. This will ensure your Vuse Alto Charge remains stable.

Dirt and Blockage Issues

When using your device outdoors and exposing it to the external environment, dirt and blockage problems are quite common. Since a vape is designed to be used outside and carried in hand, dust, sand, and sweat can easily get inside. These obstacles get trapped around and inside the charging port. This can prevent the device from charging at all.

In this situation, what you can do is clean the device. Afterward, you should check whether the “Vuse not charging” problem persists.

Temperature Issues

Temperature issues can also lead to Vuse not charging problems. In colder temperatures, it should be attempted to be heated.

When the temperature is below freezing, the vape blocks itself a few times according to the device’s safety program to protect the battery. This will prevent the device from charging at all. Talking about indoor temperatures above freezing and compatible weather conditions might solve the problem.

Connection Issues Between Charging Devices, Connectors, and Pins

A common fix for e-cigarettes not charging is to properly check the Connection Points. If the charging device, connectors, and pins aren’t properly connected and aren’t allowing current to pass through, it’s very possible for the device not to charge. This can stop your device from charging. Click on the link to buy a charging cable at a special price.

So, all you need to do is simply check. The safest way is to get in touch with technical support and seek assistance in this matter.

Cable and Adapter Issues

Cable and adapter problems can also lead to Vuse not charging problems. It’s also recommended to check the cable you’re using. Click on the link to buy a charging cable at a special price.

Over extended use, the cable’s transmission capability decreases. Internal components can also get damaged. A damaged brick or cable can cause charging problems. It’s advised to choose a new brick or cable that matches the charging flow or voltage amount required by your Vuse Alto. Click the link to buy a Wireless charger.

Vuse Not Charging

If Your Vuse Alto’s Battery Is Completely Damaged

Overextended rough use, overcharging the battery, and exposing it to overvoltage for long periods prevent the battery from holding a charge. In rare cases, the battery’s capacity to hold a charge is completely lost, rendering the e-cigarette unable to accept a charge.

The solution to this situation is a bit complicated, but if your warranty is still valid, you should use it. Otherwise, you’ll need to call customer service or go to an authorized service center to change the battery. You won’t encounter these charging problems as you used to.

Leakage in the Liquid Compartment

In case there’s a leakage in the liquid compartment, and there’s liquid in the battery and circuit of the e-liquid. Extended use can harm the carrier of the liquid. But the real problem is whether the liquid is passing through the main circuit of the e-cigarette or through the battery.

This can cause these two criteria. First, a short circuit occurs and the device’s circuit burns out. The second would lead to significant battery damage with a temporary shutdown signal. At this stage, you should visualize the situation and take steps on your own.

But first, you can try to dry it. For this, you can clean it with a towel or tissue and then attempt to charge it. Afterward, you can check whether the “Vuse not charging” problem persists.

When Should I Charge My Vuse?

The most obvious time to charge your Vuse e-cigarette is when it’s turned off or deactivated. This situation can stem from some significant issues, but it can also arise when the battery levels are low.

Also, these devices come with a small LED light or indicator that shows whether the ePod or ePen needs charging or is currently charging. You’ll typically see the pen flashing ten times. This is a noticeable indicator for users to notice it and start charging the device.

Sometimes the pen’s battery runs out before the Vuse e-Liquid Pod. So, you shouldn’t remove the pod just because the battery level is low. The battery is said to last between 230 and 250 puffs on average.

Vuse Not Charging

How Can I Tell If My Device Is Charging or Not?

In most electronic cigarette devices, a small LED light will flash green, white, or red. The LED will glow red during charging until it reaches 10% charge. Then it will change to a light red until it reaches 80% charge. The same is true for Vuse products.

When the device is fully charged, the charging light will turn green. The LED will eventually turn off, which is your clue to disconnect the magnetic USB cable. These devices can take from one to two hours to fully charge.

Can I Leave My Vuse Device Charging Overnight?

While all Vuse devices are designed to be safe and have a low likelihood of exploding or catching fire, you should always be cautious. Therefore, it’s not recommended to charge the device overnight.

Additionally, the charging process takes very little time. So, there’s no reason to leave it overnight. It’s important to remember that being safe is always better than being sorry. Individuals should always keep in mind that they can never predict what might happen. If you’re experiencing Vuse charging problems, you can try all the solutions provided above. If the problem persists, it’s recommended to take it to a technical service center.

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