How To Fix Xiaomi Fast Charging Not Working?- 8 Fixes!

Xiaomi is a technology company with a large user base that has made a name for itself all over the world. The biggest advantage of the company is that the price performance standard is very high.

As with all technological devices, it is possible to encounter the problem of not charging in Xiaomi devices. In this article, we have examined the Xiaomi Fast Charging Not Working with you and presented our solutions for it. To solve the Xiaomi Fast Charging Not Working and solve the Xiaomi Fast Charging Not Working, just follow our solutions step by step.

Xiaomi has created a new revolution in fast-charging technology. It started a revolution in fast charging technology by producing a 120W fast charger. The name of this technology was announced by the manufacturer Xiaomi as HyperCharge.

If we want to explain to you the time equivalent of this, we said that Xiaomi has revolutionized with its newly released technology, The 5000mAh battery fills its charge in just 20 minutes with Xiaomi Fast Charger (Hyper Charge).

Of course, to use this Fast Charging Technology, your smartphone must be compatible with this charging support. The phone models compatible with the Xiaomi HyperCharge feature are the Xiaomi 11T Pro and 11i models. Smartphones manufactured before these models are not compatible with the HyperCharge feature.

I encountered the problem of slow charging of my Xiaomi 11i smartphone, first of all, I contacted the company officials and was informed that I should follow some solutions. Let’s examine these solutions together and apply the solutions needed to charge our phones fast.

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Why Was My Xiaomi 11i HyperCharge Not Working?

As a first solution, I will share with you the problems I encountered in the operation of my Xiomi 11i HyperCharge charger and its solutions.

Xiaomi Boost Charge feature is a feature on Xiaomin smartphones and is considered disabled by default. By activating this feature, you activate the fast charging feature of your smartphone. Let’s take a look at how to fast charge our Xiaomi smartphone together.

How To Enabled Boost Charging in MIUI 13?

Xiaomi Boost Charge

If your Xiaomi smartphone is HyperCharge compatible, you can activate the HyperCharge feature and use your phone with a fast charger in a short time. You can activate the HyperCharge feature by following the images below.

Step #1- Go to Settings

Enable Boost Charging in MIUI 1

Step #2- Tap on Battery and Performace

Enable Boost Charging in MIUI 2

Step #3- Switch to Battery Tab

Enable Boost Charging in MIUI 3

Step #4- Tap on Boost Charging

Enable Boost Charging in MIUI 4

Step #5- Enable Boost Charging

Enable Boost Charging in MIUI 5

How To Fix Slow Charging On Other Xiaomi Smartphones?

You may not be able to use the Xiaomi 120W fast charging feature on other smartphones, but many smartphones such as Redmi Note 11 Pro + 5G support 67W fast charging.

If your Xiaomi smartphones are not charging, company officials have suggested the solutions below. We can continue to use our smartphones by applying the solutions below for the Xiaomi Fast Charging Problem.

1- Check your Adapter

As with many devices, the most important problem may be your charger. Make sure there is nothing wrong with your smartphone’s charger. You can test your device with a different charger to try this. The most important point you should pay attention to here is that an adapter that produces 25W power may not be able to generate the necessary power for the battery fed with 67W or keep the charging time long.

In this case, you can buy a new fast charger Click the buy a new charger on Amazon.

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2- Use the Original Cable

The most important point to pay attention to when charging our smartphones is the USB cable we choose. We usually charge our smartphone with any USB cable we can get our hands on without paying attention to whether it is compatible or not, but the point we need to pay attention to is the USB cable we use.

Non-compatible USB cables do not support fast charging and cause your smartphone to charge slowly. To fast charge your Xiaomi smartphone, make sure you charge it with the original USB cable. Click the buy a new charger on the Amazon.

3- Restart your phone

Xiaomi MIUI is a modified Android ROM for smartphones developed by the electronics manufacturer Xiaomi. MIUI is a processor system that can cause a lot of problems. Although Xiaomi has made great advances in this technology, sometimes errors occur in this system.
If your Xiaomi phone does not charge quickly, you need to restart your phone when these problems occur to reduce the problems experienced by MIUI.

If your Xiaomi smartphone does not charge quickly, restarting your phone can be a solution in some cases.

4- Check for System Updates

As we mentioned above, if your Xiaomi smartphone does not charge fast due to problems in the operating system, one of the most important things you need to do is to keep your phone updated. This is because a problem you are experiencing may have been solved with the new update.

If your Xiami smartphone does not charge fast, check for updates and make sure the last version is installed.

To check for updates, go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates. If an update is available, install it and restart your phone

5- Try a different charger

Power supply devices usually have voltage protection. In some cases, the incoming adapter may have been defective beforehand. If your Xiaomi smartphone does not charge quickly, maybe the problem is with your power supply.

Test your Xiaomi smartphone with another power provider that offers fast charging, if your device is charging, the problem is in your adapter, if your device is not charging, the problem is in your Xiaomi smartphone.

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6- Clean the charging port

Xiaomi smartphones are charged with electricity like other technological devices. In this case, factors such as possible contamination and dust may affect the conductivity and bring the problem that Xiaomi does not charge quickly. Therefore, when our technological devices encounter such a problem, we need to clean them.

When cleaning the USB Type-C port, remember to apply alcohol to the wipe and not to apply too much force. Clean the ports with these warnings in mind.

7- Factory Reset your phone

If our Xiaomi smartphone does not charge fast even though we follow the steps above, you should try to reset your phone to factory settings. The most important point you should pay attention to while doing this is that you should back up all your data.

Press Settings > Press About phone > Press Backup & reset > Press Erase all data (factory reset) > Press Delete all data > Press Next > Press OK.

Wait a moment while the factory default settings are restored.

8- Visit the service center

If our Xiaomi smartphone does not charge despite trying all of the above steps, then what you need to do in this case is to visit the Xiaomi service center. You can visit your nearest Xiaomi service center

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In our article above, we have presented solutions for the Xiaomi fast charging problem for you. You can share the problems you are experiencing with us by commenting in the comment field below.

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